Saturday, May 23, 2009


ok so i updated my contacts from the past events that i have gone too. also while i was doing that i came across a business card that an amazing women gave me 3 years ago! i know like whoa but still she wrote this amazing book "Brighton"  her name is Diane Carty Spetcher. she is an author, publisher and a speaker. she is super kind. I have emailed her and i am waiting for her response but i am so exited and cant wait! 

also im am working on an Junoir novel right now! so if there is anyone out there who would love to do the illustrations then be my guest and contact me at , GOOD LUCK!

-Uniquely Alura

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fresh New and well ME! LOL =D

So ya this is my blogg and it is all about me! but im not cocky like that so i just wanted to know your expression would have been. well ppl my father was in the hospital for past weekend and got out yesterday. He had a few strokes and a .............................................
i know i know alote to worry about but he is great actully fealing better. 
i have had alote of school work to do and my mother said that once i was finished with my school i can get a phone! a cell phone! of my own! plus (im paying by month) unlimited TEXT & EMAIL.
i know life is exiting and sad becaus i have had to worry about my father and getting my school for the year! alote to think but im gonna go get my school done and help get my father off his feet. so i love ya! comment me! also check out my Photography Blog and there you will have a link to a place where you can buy my Photos!

Being the best i can be, by just being Me
Alura Law

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey i spent the night at my best friends house last night, and we talked wrote some music and did eachothers hair and makeup! this is the new me and i am going to do i want to do to stand out! plus with this new look i look about 1 or 2 older than i friends forever till the second comming and beyond!